Therapeutic Touch Courses and Mentoring

      Tama is a Recognized Teacher through BCTTNS

It is important that this education is financially accessible - check with Tama re: options.               

 Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Course

In person (1st level) - May 2024

Cost $185 (plus GST) - This includes two Saturday classes and you will receive a BCTTNS certificate upon completion. This course is being taught in person in        Ladner, BC. Click the CONTACT tab for more information. 

Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch - 

(second level) Fall 2024

   ​Cost $200 (plus GST) - The course is for those who have completed Foundations.   

Application of the Inner Processes in Therapeutic Touch -  Winter 2024

Cost $225 (plus GST) - This  course is for those who have completed the two     previous courses and there must be at least 6 months between Transpersonal Nature  of Therapeutic Touch before taking this course (per BCTTNS requirements)

Monthly Mentor Meetings

This mentorship program is for those who have completed all 3 courses, and you are  working on the TTRP workbook through BCTTNS. This will be a monthly afternoon of theory, dialogue and experiential components as we dive deeper into the process.
We will meet in person and/or on Zoom depending on needs of the group.
Contact Tama for cost, dates, format and more - 
Click on the CONTACT tab

If you want 1:1 mentoring after any of the levels, talk with Tama for more info


Workshops for Recognized Practitioners & Teachers

Therapeutic Touch Workshop - Skills for Supervising TT Sessions - Part 1
Skills for Supervising TT Sessions - Part 2

Each workshop will run when enough people are registered. 

It is a weekend afternoon from 1-5 pm - cost $60 + GST each for each session.

Deepen skills in providing comprehensive supervised sessions for those at all three levels. Connect with more insight and skills to supervise sessions at Practitioner Days, Practice Groups and gain more awareness of your own practice as well. Click on the CONTACT tab to register and for more information.


To ensure you are gaining consistent education in the          Krieger-Kunz method of Therapeutic Touch, make sure that         you look for a TTRT or QTTT.


Meditation Classes & Workshops

For thousands of years the benefits of meditation have supported body, mind and spirit. You are invited to take time to turn the volume down on your busy mind, allow deep relaxation and be present. This can open a doorway to increased wellness and balance in many aspects of your being.
These groups are open to all and Therapeutic Touch practitioners have found  this supports deepening their grounding and centering practices.

MONTHLY dates:
Tuesdays twice a month - from 1-2 pm (Pacific time)
Thursday evenings weekly from 7-8 pm (Pacific time)

       ​Location: online via Zoom - suggested donation $15 and please            pay what you can, if you can  (It's important that this is accessible)

Click on the CONTACT tab to email Tama for more info.

A variety of other meditation & mindfulness workshops are offered.

Meditation classes are also available for individuals and small groups.
 Contact Tama to have a custom program developed for you. 
Cost varies depending on format. Classes are offered from experience developed through years of centering practices with Therapeutic Touch and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as well as meditation
education with Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and other teachers.


 Mandala Meditation Workshop -
This includes a meditation, mandala drawing, movement exercise, and dot 
    painting on rocks. EVERYONE can do this - no previous experience required.             This is a chance to let go of the inner critic and connect with              inner stillness through colour, music and creativity. 

Meditation & Labyrinth Walk 
An inspirational gathering as we shift seasons and turn inward. Explore deep listening and learn more about labyrinths as you participate in a meditation followed by walking a labyrinth.

Introduction to Meditative Writing Workshop -
This workshop includes an introduction to four styles of meditative writing that allow you to connect with your inner self through a deepened connection with mindful presence. A great workshop for seasoned writers as well as those who feel they 'can't write at all'. 
Deepening the Journey Through Meditative Writing Workshop 
This workshop that includes a guided meditation and a more in-depth journey through reflective processes that include Proprioceptive Writing 
and other explorations. 

Please inquire for next dates and costs for these workshops.