Tama has worked in hospice and bereavement care for almost 20 years and holds great respect for this clinically founded, research based modality that has been part of her work within this field and beyond. With a deep understanding of compassion and hope, she knows that even though life has health challenges and increased stress levels, there are ways to help yourself cope with changing health and wellness.

   Tama looks forward to talking with you about how Therapeutic Touch® can support you on your journey. She provides sessions in a wide variety of settings with adults, teens, children and animals. Tama is part of a network of professional practitioners and teachers with the British Columbia and International networks and is deeply committed to the education, support, and mentoring of Therapeutic Touch® students of all ages, and at all stages of their learning.

Therapeutic Touch® is a complementary healing modality that supports you on your journey to increased balance and wellness for body, mind and spirit.  Therapeutic Touch® is practiced by nurses, veterinarians, hospice workers, and lay people in over 100 countries around the world.

There is always a way to move forward on your healing path. Therapeutic Touch® is a powerful resource. Are you dealing with stress or anxiety? Juggling health concerns or dealing with chronic pain? Are you coping with the loss of a loved one or other major life transition? Therapeutic Touch® can help you on your journey!